We, { E S C } are an Earth based (speculative) political party and a performance art collective, consisting of a loose group of Space enthusiasts coming from diverse fields such as multimedia art, design research, political activism and science. What unites us is a shared interest in the necessity for post capitalist desires.
Workers of the solar system unite!
We organize events like space jams, communal star gazing, public rocket launch streaming parties and political debates to inspire discourse, art and curiosity.

We strive to cultivate an interest in technology as an emancipating force and live post capitalistic desires through practice.
Living in neoliberal capitalism can feel like being trapped in stacks of systems too complex to fully grasp and too powerful to ever overcome. Systems that have given rise to massive inequality, complex techno-sociological power structures & ecological disasters still unimaginable. Capitalism has left us in despair, it presents itself without alternatives yet at the same time, our world is falling apart and is in urgent need of change.

We believe the remedy for this condition is the conception of new Narratives, Utopias worth fighting for!

There is a way to overcome capitalist realism and united, we will find it!
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